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Two Government Moves Seize Crypto Fund

The German and U.S. governments have garnered attention for their recent transfers of substantial cryptocurrency holdings. On July 1, the German government moved 1,500 BTC, valued at approximately $95 million, to various crypto exchanges. Concurrently, the U.S. government transferred 3,375 ETH, worth around $11.75 million, from seized funds to an unknown address. These significant transactions highlight ongoing governmental activity in the crypto market.

Jasmy Coin began a bearish moves

The price of Jasmy has significantly dropped this month, entering a bear market with a decline of over 30% from its peak. This downturn coincides with Bitcoin’s recent price movements. Bitcoin's value surged to $72,000 earlier this month but then fell by over 14%, influenced by ongoing ETF outflows and the German government selling large amounts of Bitcoin. Additionally, Bitcoin mining companies have been selling off their coins, leading to a slight increase in Bitcoin balances on exchanges.

The Federal Reserve's stance on interest rates, given persistent US inflation, contrasts with other central banks like the Bank of Canada, ECB, and SNB, which have begun cutting rates. This broader economic context has also affected Jasmy’s performance. Mentions of Jasmy on social media and its trading volume have declined, with the daily average of JASMY traded on exchanges dropping to less than $160 million recently, down from over $500 million earlier this month. Futures market activity has similarly decreased, with open interest falling from $82 million on June 5th to $40 million.

Technically, the sell-off began when JASMY formed a long-legged doji candlestick pattern on June 4th, a common indicator of a reversal in technical analysis. Currently, JASMY has developed a bearish pennant pattern, which typically leads to a further drop in price as it approaches the confluence point. Unless market conditions improve, the token is likely to decline further.

However, JasmyCoin has managed to stay above the 50-day moving average and the key support level of $0.02757, the high point in March. A further downside will be confirmed if the price falls below this critical level.

Julian Assange Freed but On-Chain Movement Demand Fund Transparency

As Julian Assange's prison term concludes, an on-chain movement demands transparency on funds raised for his defense. Following Assange's release from Belmarsh prison, the AssangeDAO (JUSTICE) token surged over 60% within 24 hours. The WikiLeaks founder, detained for over 1,900 days due to alleged U.S. Espionage Act violations, now has supporters calling for a detailed report on defense fund expenditures.

The decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) was formed in December 2021 to financially support Assange's legal battles. According to core contributor Silke Noa, donors contributed approximately 16,593 Ether (ETH), valued at over $56 million in today's market. The Wau Holland Foundation managed and distributed around $37 million of these funds via a Safe (formerly Gnosis) multi-sig address, yet full transparency on spending is still awaited.

"Security reasons might have justified the lack of transparency to protect Julian's case in the past," Noa commented on X following Assange's release. She, along with others, urges the Wau Holland Foundation to disclose fund allocations for the defense efforts.

Assange, an early Bitcoin (BTC) investor, saw cryptocurrency as an alternative investment and payment method. In the early 2010s, he invested in BTC and considered accepting crypto payments following censorship from major financial entities like MasterCard. His release, facilitated partly by a DAO initiative, highlights crypto's potential as a transformative force in real-world scenarios.

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Two Government Moves Seize Crypto Fund

The German and U.S. governments have garnered attention for their recent transfers of substantial cryptocurrency holdings. On July 1, the Ge...